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Their bags are packed. Their shoes are on. Their tickets: carefully crafted from paper offcuts and felt tip scrawls. Destination? Wherever the moment takes them!

While us grown-ups relish adventurous escapes and outdoors escapades, we all know our little folk can be as captivated by a journey that never passes the front door. The possibilities are endless – no excursion too daring. It’s why we love children's travel books.

Here are our top reads to snuggle down with and be transported:



The first in an enchanting series by Vicki Wood & Kelly Elsom, A Byron Bay Adventure grants permission to realise dreams of the seemingly impossible. Sunny and her magical dragon companion, Sippy, take a journey to Byron Bay to save their friend, a beached whale. With breath-taking illustrations by Bec Winnel – this story paints a beautiful fusion of both the natural and the mystical. Delight in the realism of Byron Hinterland aside the magic of a creature who roars gold and silver butterflies.

Add to the magic: curl up under fairy lights and discuss where you would journey on a dragon's back.



Inspire your kids to seek out adventures with this incredible book based on the travels of the Goodwin family (parents and pro-surfers Aamion and Daize Goodwin and their children). Created from the film of the same name, Given, is a tale of exploration and discovery as a six-year-old boy follows the quest to find a legendary big fish.

Written by Tamara Burnstock and artfully illustrated by Filippa Edghill, this book is a beautiful mix of poetry and storytelling that captures the life-changing magic of daring to travel with children.

Ready for your own family quest? Play pretend together as you sleep on sandy beaches or clamber on icy rocks, just as Given does.



The Storm Whale In Winter is the perfect read as the temperature drops and family hot chocolates become a weekend necessity. Follow the journeys of Noi, who is saved by a little whale as he searches for his father through the snow storm. Gentle suspense, warm illustration, and a meditative feel - we love this charming tale of friendship by the sea.

Picture yourself amidst the winter landscapes: layer up warm, lie out snowy white sheets, and imagine the crunch of ice underfoot.



Get ready for an eye-opening journey for the whole family. The Boy Who Spoke To The Earth is a story of discovery, following a young boy who asks the Earth where he can find happiness. This stunning travel photography-inspired book reveals the answer by encouraging children to open their eyes wider and soak up the beauty of our surroundings. A must read for travel lovers, young and old. We love that this book was originally crowdfunded to reach publication - testament to its universal message: stop to look and you’ll realise what a joyfully, beautiful world we live in.

Bond together over the beauty of nature: chat about where you’d like to go on your next family travel adventure. What earthly wonders would they like to see up close?



Reconnect to the awesome reality of our oceans, with this emotive book on the importance our seas play on our lives (and generations to come). The Viking Boy is the first in a series about a young boy, Captain Finn, and the connection he makes with a beautiful white whale.

Finn can communicate with whales and listen to tales of the sea, letting us all into the legacy of the oceans and reminding us about the importance of protecting them.

Written by Vicki Wood and irresistibly illustrated by Brigitte May.

Encourage your own compassionate captains: build a mighty ship from cushions and look out upon the waves at the sea creatures.

Which of these journeys would your child most like to go on? Leave us a comment, we’d love to know!


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