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Whilst you cannot give your child the 'moon on a stick' the World  can be their oyster. Travel can enrich a child's life and improve their knowledge whilst creating special lifetime memories. The opportunity to travel as a family is really the best gift for any child, a long term investment that will shape them for the future. Exposing your children to different cultures, climates, languages and landscapes in their formative years, can teach them to become more tolerant, build confidence and encourage independence.

With today's 24/7 lifestyles not many families have the opportunity for long term travel with their small children, but what if you had all the money you needed in the bank? Would you be thinking responsibility, stability and routine or would you pack up and go on an adventure? Jessica and Garrett Gee choose the latter.

When at just 25, entrepreneur Garrett sold his business to Snapchat for $54 million, the young parents to Manilla, 1, and Dorothy, 3, intriguingly decided not to touch the money and instead devised a plan to embark on a family travel adventure, seeking out a destination to maybe one day settle. Garrett and Jessica sold all their belongings in a yard sale in order to fund their trip, to keep their finances secure for the long-term future . They created a bucket list of countries they wanted to visit, looking to enrich both their own and their children's lives, whilst searching along the way for somewhere they may call a permanent home.

Now that they have been travelling for some time we were keen to learn about some of their experiences so far, the benefits for their children and their favourite destination. We look forward to staying in touch with this lovely family and cannot wait for the next installment! Thanks so much Jessica and Garrett!

The Bucket List Family  The Bucket List Family

What inspired you to go travelling as a family?

My husband and I are rookies at this parent thing.  We aren't totally sure where we want to raise our family.  We thought if we travelled all around the world learning more about other places and cultures, it would shed some light on how/where to raise our kids.  Timing and opportunity were perfect, so we took it!

Favourite destination so far and why?

For me, I LOVE New Zealand.  It's perfectly beautiful, clean, fresh and everywhere you turn looks like a postcard.  My husband loves Tonga.  Probably because that's where we swam with humpback whales.  Can't really get better than that!
Vava'u, Tonga. Humpback Whale

Vava'u, Tonga

Best experience so far?

Besides humpback whales, we LOVED  teaching at an orphanage in Bali.  Every day we taught a class of 20 kids.  It was Dorothy's first school experience and it was so amazing to be a part of it.  We loved seeing our kids interact with the Balinese children who come from a different culture, but together they were just children and they laughed, played, danced and sang all together.
Bali Orphanage

Bali, Orphanage

How do you think your travels will benefit your children?

We hope that our travels will make our children a little more open minded, compassionate, and loving towards everyone they meet.  This last week, we visited a school for special needs children in Anguilla.  I loved explaining to my daughter how even though some kids can't see or hear or speak or walk, we love them and help them.
We hope that it will teach our kids that things are temporary but family time and experiences will stay with you forever.

Snowballs or Sandcastles?

Sandcastles. Almost all our travels are around water.  Maybe because we both grew up in the mountains.  ;)


Jessica & Manilla
 Jessica & Manilla
If you would like to follow the Gee family on their adventures they have an inspirational instagram feed or you can catch up with them via their blog.
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