lodestars New Zealand Travel Guide
lodestars New Zealand Travel Guide
lodestars New Zealand Travel Guide

Lodestars New Zealand

Lodestars Anthology - New Zealand

A beautiful guide to New Zealand featuring stunning photography and local inside tips. This edition from Lodestars will inspire you to visit New Zealand and is equally a magazine worthy of any coffee table

Aotearoa, New Zealand, is a land of myth, created, according to Māori lore, when the Polynesian Demi-God Māui cast a fishhook crafted from an ancestor’s jawbone off the canoe in which he had stowed himself away.

With this, he hauled from the ocean’s depths a giant fish, which became the North Island, its mountains and rivers carved out by his brothers impatient to devour the catch. The South Island is their canoe, with secluded Rakiura, found at what feels like the end of the earth, formed from its anchor stone.

Today, with its sleeping volcanoes, mighty fjords, seemingly endless coastline and ability to make visitors feel deliciously small, New Zealand remains shrouded in a special kind of magic.

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